Lens Whacking

Last week I did some experimenting with lens whacking. You can read a bit about the technique here, from James Miller and Philip Bloom, but essentially, lens whacking is filming with a DSLR using a manual lens which is de attached from the body. It creates a really interesting, dreamy look with light leaks created by the gap between the lens and the camera. I thought I’d give it a go around the house to get an idea of what it looks like and also kind of to get it out of my system… I think it’s important to only use effects where they are needed/appropriate. So here’s The Humble Abode of Ramm set to White Hart’s If you Come Around in the Mornin’.

This was shot on my Canon 60D using a manual Nikon 50mm f1.4. 🙂

The Humble Abode of Ramm: an Experiment in the Art of Lens Whacking/Bashing from Anna-Marie Ramm on Vimeo.

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