Recently I co-created this short film called Automaton set in a dystopian world of rigid structure. Worker 503-d painfully transforms from man to machine when a minor incident breaks the norm. Currently in production.


During the course of an average workday at Weber Inc. an employee, driven by the monotony of his autonomous existence, begins a slow and painful transformation becoming increasingly mechanical, struggling to deal with the shock and pain whilst desperately trying to stay on top of his workload.

Automaton was a group project for my uni course, so we worked on the production together. We took on pre production roles together, sharing the story creation/character development/planning and set design responsibilities, but came into more specific roles during production and post production. On set I was co-cinematographer with Ciaran, and in post production I was editor/colour corrector with Tom.

I tweeted here, and blogged here.

And you can see the film here: 🙂

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