Another Life

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on Stephen Rainer’s short film Another Life as a Camera Operator and occasional Script Supervisor/Assistant. You can see his website here, although there’s not much information on the film there yet. We’ve shot in a few really nice locations – my favourite of which was the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach when it was closed to the public. We got a load of extras in and had fun on the Merry-go-Round andRead more

Flea Circus Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the pilot episode of Flea Circus – currently in post production, but coming your way soon! It was shot in Norwich as a part of a NUCA project with some fantastic local actors, businesses and venues involved. 🙂Read more

Flea Circus

  Flea Circus is a web TV series which follows the story of Flea as she runs away from her mothers stifling ballet school and joins a flea ridden, rundown circus. We shot the pilot episode in the autumn of 2011 and we are currently in post production. I learned a great deal from writing and directing this project and loved every minute of it. The crew and cast were both fantastic and it was a really creative, community environment.Read more

Damage – Kris Smith

I’m currently working as a Camera Operator on Kris Smith’s short film Damage. You can see the IMDB page here. The central character of the film, Caroline Murphy, is getting married and aspires to become a model… it focusses on the relationship between her and a photographer. The film is set in the 1960s, which has been great fun for costume, make-up and set design. On the weekend we shot the wedding scene and the wedding reception and last night weRead more


Recently I co-created this short film called Automaton set in a dystopian world of rigid structure. Worker 503-d painfully transforms from man to machine when a minor incident breaks the norm. Currently in production. Synopsis: During the course of an average workday at Weber Inc. an employee, driven by the monotony of his autonomous existence, begins a slow and painful transformation becoming increasingly mechanical, struggling to deal with the shock and pain whilst desperately trying to stay on top ofRead more

Lens Whacking

Last week I did some experimenting with lens whacking. You can read a bit about the technique here, from James Miller and Philip Bloom, but essentially, lens whacking is filming with a DSLR using a manual lens which is de attached from the body. It creates a really interesting, dreamy look with light leaks created by the gap between the lens and the camera. I thought I’d give it a go around the house to get an idea of whatRead more